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Founded: 2007 (acquired by Yahoo! in 2013)

How Many Users: 200 million

What it is: Tumblr is a graphics-heavy micro-blogging site that’s very popular with a younger, slightly artistic crowd. It’s definitely not the place for text-heavy postings.

Demographic Snapshot: Young and well-educated is the best way to describe Tumblr’s user base. About 66% of all its users are under the age of 39 and 39% of those folks are 25 or younger. It has an international reach and is especially popular in South Korea.

Gambling Friendly?: While Tumblr isn’t anti-gambling, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right format for igaming affiliates.

Content Marketing Value: Minimal. Tumblr’s user-base is particularly sensitive to promotional activities and probably won’t respond well to typical igaming marketing ploys.

What’s the Lowdown?: Unless you’ve got a really good handle on your artistic side, this probably isn’t the social network for casino affiliates.

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