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Who’s Your Demo? A Social Media Demographic Breakdown

Founded: 2004

How Many Users: 1.32 billion

What it is: Facebook is only the biggest damn social network on the planet and the world’s only never-ending class reunion. If you like pictures of other people’s kids, vacation photos, and vaguely worded posts designed to garner sympathy and attention, Facebook is for you.

Demographic Snapshot: One out of every seven people on the planet have Facebook accounts, so this social site has a bit of everything. It does skew slightly towards women, but you can hit just about any demographic you want on Facebook.

Gambling Friendly?: Facebook’s fairly friendly towards the gambling industry, especially if you’re working the social side. There are currently real money gambling apps available for UK residents and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them in the future.

Content Marketing Value: Content marketers and advertisers have had mixed success on Facebook but it’s still an important part of any social media strategy.

What’s the Lowdown?: Facebook is the 500-pound gorilla of social networks and just can’t be avoided.