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Founded: 2006
How Many Users: 271 million (active)

What it is: A fast-paced micro-blogging site where anything you need to say needs to be said in 140 characters or less. The site allows users to post links, pictures and even short videos.

Demographic Snapshot: About 19% of all internet users are on Twitter and most of those folks fall into the 18-29 year-old demo. In the United States, a slightly higher percentage of African-Americans use Twitter as opposed to their white counterparts.

Gambling Friendly?: Definitely, especially for sports betting and poker. These two categories go non-stop on Twitter, making it a great place to connect with new players.

Content Marketing Value: Twitter is a really good venue for promoting content, especially if it’s got viral potential.

What’s the Lowdown?: Thanks to the incredibly short life of any given Tweet, creating a successful Twitter campaign is a very time-intensive affair. That said, Twitter is packed with gamblers and good place for interacting with your customers.

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