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Fewer Google Updates

In 2014 casino affiliates were largely spared from the head and heart aches that come with massive new Google algorithm updates and for that, we can all be very grateful.

Sure, there were a few minor Penguin and Panda updates but most casino affiliates adjusted their SEO strategies for them years ago.

For the most part, Google seemed to fixate on updates that just didn’t impact the gaming industry much like Pigeon.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Google continues to take a more chilled out approach to the implementation of new algo updates.

Matt Cutts’ ‘Vacation’

Last spring Google’s SEO oracle Matt Cutts decided to take a leave of absence from his sport at the helm of the search giant’s webspam team. It seems like Cutts understands that he’s become the face of SEO at Google and he’s not all that happy about it.

This decision was met with relief by legions of SEO practitioners who’ve focused their frustration at the company’s SEO policies on Cutts.

Cutts has decided to extend his break into 2015 because he thinks the SEO world is doing just fine without him. That’s a feeling that plenty of casino affiliates would agree with.

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