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2014's Top Gambling Quotes

There are two, very distinct, types of people who work in the gambling business today; those who say what’s on their mind and those who stick to coded corporate-speak.
While the group that says-it-like-it-is definitely deliver more colorful quotes for internet consumption, the suits are usually the ones who get the final word.
We’ve sorted through piles of quotes from both groups to bring you this year-end collection of 2014’s top gambling industry quotes.
These factors have combined to make the path to profitability very difficult and uncertain. Consequently, we have decided to cease operations – Ultimate Gaming Chairman Tom Breitling on his company’s decision to exit the Nevada online poker market.
This is about striking the balance between a player’s right to bet and the visibility of gambling on the high street and on TV. We accept that the balance has not been right in the past. – An unnamed Ladbrokes representative describing the UK FOBT industry’s willingness to self-regulate in the face of draconian new advertising restrictions.
We’ve taken a good look at both Spain and the Netherlands.The combination of the overall market size and the local competitive dynamic mean they’re not an opportunity we’re going for. – Paddy Power spokesman Peter O’Donovan on his company’s decision to not pursue the red-tape heavy Dutch and Spanish igaming markets.
Because of a delayed rollout and one-time startup costs, Internet gaming made no net contributions to the state budget in fiscal 2014. – Stateline and Pew Charitable Trusts Adrienne Lu senior writer Arienne Lu describing the impact of regulated igaming on the Delaware state budget.
He gave himself an advantage which the game precludes. This is in my view cheating. – Judge John Mitting’s final word on Phil Ivey’s, “edge sorting,” lawsuit against London’s Crockfords casino.
I believe that what we did was a legitimate strategy and we did nothing more than exploit Crockfords’ failures to take proper steps to protect themselves against a player of my ability. Clearly today the judge did not agree. – Phil Ivey.
Despite its ‘repeal’ language, the 2014 Sports Wagering Law is a blatant attempt by the State of New Jersey to sponsor, operate, advertise, promote, license and/or authorize sports gambling in Atlantic City casinos and at New Jersey racetracks. As such, the 2014 Sports Wagering Law violates PASPA. – Taken from the NFL’s challenge to the New Jersey sports betting law.
It’s incredibly disappointing. It’s very, very important to both our casinos and racetracks, so we’re going to continue to pursue it. – New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak upon hearing that a judge would not allow legal sports betting in the Garden State.
We have come through difficult days, but the city clearly is transforming into a new full-scale resort.Matt Levinson, chairman of the New Jersey state Casino Control Commission reacting to October’s casino revenue’s, which showed  a loss of only 4.4% over the previous year. That “good” news is tempered by the fact that four AC casinos have already shut down this year.