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If you’re ready to take your link building campaign to the next level, start here:

Link Buying Basics: Ready to start buying links? Ask yourself these six questions before you whip out your credit card. A few things to keep in mind: Affiliates never sell links cost effectively for the buyer, and only try to buy a link if you can model a return on investment.

Are Backlink Services Worth The Effort? Is it even worth it to use backlink services anymore? Or should marketers focus their SEO efforts in other, more productive ways?

Optimize References and Content Backlinks: Learn how to work and change references that already mention your site. You can also nab links from webmasters who have referenced your brand by getting them to change the text they have linked to you with.

Using Press Releases To Build Acquire Links: Did you know you can use press releases to acquire new links? If the purpose of this release was too directly gain new traffic which converts then you’ll most likely have a hard time finding something newsworthy, but press releases are rarely used for that anymore in the day and age of SEO.

Link Building Strategies for 2012: If you’ve ever wondered what “blag a link” means or what impact Google+ has on your link building strategy, this prerecorded webinar, will answer those questions. Watch the video.

How To Build Profitable Links in Gambling: Download the free eBook, Link Exchanges 101 – How to Build Profitable Links in Gambling, to learn how to build links in this industry.

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