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How To Find Link Prospects Without Using Google

Leaving Google behind completely isn’t 100% possible, but there are many tools that can make link prospecting more effective.

Guest Blogging Communities

Sites like MyBlogGuest are a great place to go in search for some sites that are ready to give you a link as soon as today, provided that you can supply them with a nice article/guest post. Guest posting can be effective in any niche, iGaming included.

However, the way things work at MyBlogGuest are kind of upside down. Instead of searching for sites and pitching them on a linking opportunity, you’ll have to write an article first, submit it, and then let site owners find you.

HARO – Help a Reporter Out

HARO is a well known community of online publishers. The main element of HARO – their newsletter – features various requests by journalists from all over the world revolving around all possible niches.

The way to use this for iGaming link building would be to keep your finger on the pulse and take note of every gaming-related inquiry. If you manage to send an answer quick enough, your site will be listed as the source under an article or web publication.



Übersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool. The way it works is it scrapes Google and creates a list containing every suggestion that Google gives for a certain keyword.

Once you encounter a phrase that seems interesting for link building, you can go to Google and check who’s ranking in the top 10. At this point you can reach out to each of those sites and negotiate a link placement.



Ontolo is a very good tool for link prospecting, but it is a paid one with the cheapest plan at $47 per month.

Once you log in, you’ll have the possibility to create a new report focusing around a set of keyword phrases.

Ontolo delivers a list of what they call footprints templates. Basically, a footprint template defines what kind of opportunities you’re searching for. Some of the possibilities include:

  • blogroll links,
  • blogs,
  • guest posts,
  • link pages,
  • sponsored links,
  • article directories, and more.

After clicking the main submit button, Ontolo will take a while to fetch your results. The report they generate lists a number of sites that match your keyword phrases and the footprint selected.

Twitter Bios

Going thorough Twitter bios can be a great way to find like-minded people, as well as relevant SEO link building prospects that might work well for iGaming.

Now, there are various ways in which you can scour through Twitter, but the one we’d like to recommend here is called Followerwonk.

Their bio searching tool allows you to find every Twitter user who has a certain keyword in their bio. The tool works almost instantaneously, and once the results are in you can order them by various metrics like: # of followers, # of tweets, days old, and many more.

With this data at hand, you can confidently begin your outreach.

What do you think about using these alternative tools for link prospecting? Have tested them in your campaigns?