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Promoting Super Bowl Prop Betting

Prop betting starts with the National Anthem and coin toss.

Super Bowl proposition betting is niche sports betting market that’s growing bigger every year.

For players, prop bets are an opportunity to have some fun during the big game, whether it turns out to be a blowout or not. For sports betting affiliates, prop bets can be a great tool for converting players, promoting post-NFL betting and building social shares.

Here’s a few things to consider when promoting Super Bowl XLVII prop betting.

What is Proposition Betting?

Generally speaking, proposition, or prop, bets are any wager that falls out of the standard win/lose, over/under spectrum. Super Bowl prop bets were created by Vegas sports books to help combat a string of forgettable Super Bowl blowouts in the 80’s and 90’s.

These days, most sports books offer dozens, even hundreds, of prop bets ranging from Which team will score first to Will the coin toss?

Who Bets on Propositions?

Super Bowl prop betting is appealing to everyone from casual, one-time bettors, all the way up to your biggest players.

Casual bettors love the fact that many prop bets require no knowledge of sports whatsoever. Sure you can research that over/under bet on how long the National Anthem will take, but at the end of they day you’ll really just be guessing.

Serious NFL bettors love prop betting because, with a little research, some of them offer real value. Stat crazed fans are more than happy to dig into the numbers behind bets like Total QB Sacks and Team to Record the Most First Downs. 

Creating Prop Bet Content

From a content perspective, Super Bowl prop betting is a true bonanza. Every one of these bets can be easily researched and packaged up into picks, Tweets and Facebook posts. You may not see the thrill in betting on the coin toss, but a well researched article on past coin flip winners will definitely draw traffic and social shares.

Promoting Super Bowl proposition betting is a great way for affiliates to cross-promote their other betting markets, and get one last big push from their NFL bettors.

Are you promoting Super Bowl prop betting? Share your tips in the comments section below.