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Italian Bingo Market Set for Big Changes

The struggling Italian bingo market could see some major changes thanks to some new regulations under consideration by gaming regulators. Under the new regulations, bingo operators would have a lot more flexibility in what types of games they’re offering.
According to a report in EGR Magazine, Italian online bingo revenue has lagged behind other gaming products because it’s regulated like land-based bingo. As it stands today, operators can only offer 90-ball bingo and are choked by strict limits on jackpot sizes.
In an interview with EGR, Italian gaming lawyer Giulio Coraggio explained the importance of updating Italian bingo regulations:

This regulatory change is crucial for the future of the Italian online bingo market whose regulations have been so far linked to land-based bingo regulations and therefore very restrictive. The new bingo regulations on the contrary will allow much more flexibility enabling operators to offer the same bingo variants available on their foreign websites.

Italian online gaming regulations are definitely a work-in-progress and this isn’t the first big change regulators have introduced recently. During 2012 they’ve opened Italian gaming markets to online slots, and even explored opening sports betting markets.
The proposed changes to the online bingo market could be implemented as soon as this summer.
Will these changes encourage you to promote bingo in Italy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.