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Finding Guest Bloggers for Your Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting affiliates who are tired of dealing with content headaches should consider working with handicappers and fan site creators on a guest blogger basis. After all, sports fans are some of the most prolific content creators on the web.

Developing a network of reliable guest bloggers can not only help draw traffic and links, it’s also an affordable way to expand your market scope.

Build Out New Markets with Fan Bloggers

If you’re ready to start chasing after new niches like UFC, Cricket or Tennis, you’ll need quality content to build your bonafides.

Fortunately, the Web is full of great, informative blogs that cover even the most obscure sports in great, credible detail. Better yet, many of these bloggers are extremely active on social media.

Sports bloggers are always interested in sharing their opinions with a larger audience and are easy to approach regarding guest blogging opportunities. These guys will also promote their posts on Twitter and in forums, creating valuable social share. It’s definitely a win-win deal.

Working with Handicappers

If you’re looking for content with a little more authority, try tracking down some handicappers.

Handicappers can be professionals who sell their own picks, or simply accomplished forum posters.

The pick-selling market is extremely competitive, but quality handicappers know the value of working with sports betting affiliates when they get the chance. One problem you may run into is that many professional sports handicappers already have their affiliate deals.

For this reason, you may want to scour forums for credible amateurs who write well, but don’t have their own sites. These guys may be willing to work on a CPA basis, or even for a small sub-affiliate deal.

Like fan bloggers, handicappers are all over Twitter and are especially active on game days. The more they’re out there touting their content, the more social shares you can rack up.


Developing reliable guest bloggers is not an overnight process and it’s not easy. You may want to audition prospective handicappers and bloggers before getting your hopes up. But if you can find the right one, it could be the beginning of a beautiful, profitable, relationship.

Have you been developing guest bloggers for your sports betting sites? Share your experiences in the comments section below.