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Most Salacious Internet Gambling Headlines

Calvin Ayre - Wanted Man

Calvin Ayre is a Very Bad Boy
It’s safe to assume that somewhere in the US Department of Justice there’s more than one employee who dreams of the day Bodog founder Calvin Ayre sitting in a prison cell.  After all, he thumbed his nose at the DOH in a very public way by taking US action and just not giving a damn about it one way or the other.
Unfortunately for these dark dreamers, Ayre is one of the slipperiest people ever to wear a Seville Row suit.
After being indicted last year on money laundering and gambling charges, Ayre just shrugged shoulders and continued drinking whiskey with super models. (Someone’s got to do it we suppose.)
One day we might see an, “Ayre Arrested,” headline but that won’t be anytime soon.