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Most Salacious Internet Gambling Headlines

A real rogue's rogue.

Rogues Rob Affiliates
Rogue affiliates don’t make the national news, but they’re always the subject of talk in gambling affiliate forums. Rogues run the gambit from well-established outfits that simply decide they don’t need affiliate partners anymore to smaller shops that simply don’t pay what they and slip away into cyberspace.
We’ve covered lots of rogues over the past few years but Jackpots Heaven has to be the all-time king. Say what you will about Jackpots, but these guys could definitely multi-task. The were able to shortchange affiliates while simultaneously picking players’ pockets with non-random gaming software.
Their house of cards fell apart after an eagle-eyed baccarat player called their bluff on the Casinomeister forums after doing some serious research.
Jackpots responded to the allegations as any legitimate business that had been wronged would; they defended themselves in a YouTube video with cherubs and classical music.
With rogues, you just never know.