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Advanced Tips: Effective Facebook Page for Poker Portals and Blogs

A couple of months ago, we went through the complete process of how to create Facebook fan page for your poker portal or blog. So today, let’s talk about some of the advanced techniques that you can use to make it popular and, more importantly… profitable.

Building Your Page

First of all, it’s probably a good idea to read our original post on Facebook pages before reading this one. Moreover, if you’re reading this in the future then make sure to review the official guidelines at to get the current terms and conditions of the service.

Custom Content

While doing some research on the internet, we can confidently say that one of the main success factors for a popular Facebook fan page revolving around poker is publishing custom content.

To make this more clear, let’s take a look at some of the most popular poker pages on Facebook. First up, we have the leading mainstream page at that’s currently run by Zynga.

The page has over 70,000,000 likes (that’s 70 million).

Then, there’s, with over 800,000 likes.

For, up-and-coming pages, we have – 90,000 likes.

Finally, an example of a niche leader page –, with over 10,000 likes.

The Lessons

Browsing around these pages, we can learn a handful of things that can be easily taken and applied to other poker pages.

Loosely Playing-Related Gifts

The main power of Facebook is that it’s a great environment for interacting with your followers or even convincing them to interact with THEIR followers on your behalf.

For example, on their poker page, Zynga promotes various badges and collectible items related to their poker games. Like this For-Leaf Clover:

The main idea is to offer something that is still related to poker yet has a big chance of getting shared by real human beings.


There’s a lot going on in poker all over the world, considering all the online tournaments and even real-life events. If you have your finger on the pulse then you can try to be one of the earliest to inform about something.

Although making your page purely news-driven might not be the best idea, sharing just some stories from time to time sends a clear message that your page is updated regularly.

Free Chips

If you can, by all means share those. People love free things, and this goes for all markets and niches, not just poker.

Links To Other Online Games

Since your audience is comprised of people who enjoy poker in its online gaming form, they are highly likely to enjoy other online games as well. Promoting them from time to time can turn into a nice income stream.

Celebrity Tips

The poker world is just like any other niche in show business – it has its celebrities. Whenever you have the chance, publish some kind of a celebrity-driven promotion or even just a single “tip from a pro.”

Aligning yourself with the stars makes you look more real and credible.


This is actually one of the most basic forms of Facebook promotion in many niches because… it simply works.

Facebook is the perfect place to link to a hot contest where people can win some tangible prizes. Many poker programs will give you access to those as part of their affiliate offerings. So never overlook the opportunity to make some additional money if it’s there.

Have you created a Facebook page yet?