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How Your Players Really Use Their Mobile Devices

Building any sort of presence for your mobile affiliate business can be very difficult, even though it doesn’t seem like it at first.

The whole challenge lies in predicting accurately the exact way in how to promote mobile sites.

It’s more than easy to make a wrong assumption and as a result, build a solution that doesn’t cater to the market’s needs at all.

Here are the common misconceptions and what we can do about them:

Mobile Doesn’t Mean On the Go

Assuming that most of mobile usage happens on-the-go is a very intuitive thing to do. However, it’s not actually the case.

Recent studies reveal that around 68% of mobile use happens at home. Mobiles simply seem like a more comfortable way to interact with the web than doing it through a desktop computer. In short, you can always take your mobile and adopt a comfortable position in your bed with a hot coffee next to you. It’s in a league of its own when you compare it to sitting in a straight-up position at your desk.

Mobile Doesn’t Mean 100% Socializing

Another interesting revelation is that users don’t spend most of their mobile time socializing with their followers (only 19% of overall mobile use accounts for that). What they actually do is engage in “me time” (46% of mobile use).

This equals to randomly browsing the web, reading news, and basically doing anything else that an individual can do on their own without the need for another person to be there as well.

The New Mobile Friendly Activities

Having “me time” and socializing is the big two of mobile web use, but what comes in the consecutive spots might be somewhat a surprise.

It’s reported that 12% of mobile use is devoted to different forms of shopping (searching for products and buying them). Then at 11%, a very particular activity, “accomplishing,” which is described as managing finances, health, and productivity.

If we look at the next spot – preparation (planning for upcoming activities) at 7% – we can safely say that mobile has grown as the main tool for getting one’s day (and even life) organized and planned out.

How to Capitalize on This

All this data paints quite an interesting picture. Mainly, if until now you’ve only been focusing on promoting mobile casino affiliate program then you should probably include some new elements into your marketing. Shopping is only 12% of mobile use, so you’re missing out on a lot of stuff.

Fortunately, online gaming fits the definition of “me time” perfectly, as going to mobile casinos is just another form of entertainment.

You can capitalize on this by positioning your content as something that makes visiting an online casino for mobile easier and more convenient, rather than as something based on promoting the casinos in a traditional way.

The key here is to keep your visitor in the mindset of “me time” rather than making it clear that your site is in the department of shopping.

Also, whenever you can introduce any sort of social aspect of your site, it will be an additional advantage. Just make sure not to shift the focus from the “me time” principle.

Finally, making your gambling affiliate site optimized and accessible for mobile is the absolute must-do, like we’ve been saying numerous times (link, link).

Your Turn

What’s your story, have you been analyzing your mobile traffic in more detail? Do you know how your users are interacting with your site?