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Top 5 Do's if You're Starting Out in the Mobile Casino Space

There’s literally a thousand things that you can do when starting out in any new area or medium. So today, we want to talk about the mobile casino space and the top 5 “do’s” affiliates should take care of when entering it.

1. Sign Up to The Right Affiliate Program
This guideline might sound a bit obvious, but it simply is a crucial success factor no matter what market you’re in. And it’s probably even more crucial than ever when dealing with mobile.
The thing is that simply promoting your offers to mobile users might produce no results at all if your program is not optimized to welcome mobile visitors in the first place.
We advise checking out the directory here at Casino Affiliate Programs and picking the programs that have some form of mobile-optimized product in their portfolio. Like the ReferBack program with their JackpotCity Mobile – a friendly mobile casino.
2. Have a Mobile-Friendly Site
Even though the smartphones of today are pretty much like fully functional computers (only with smaller screens), you should still build your site to be mobile-optimized and accessible for everyone.
These days, the best way of doing this is to use a responsive theme that will “rebuild” the structure of your site on the fly depending on how big is the screen of the device that the visitor is using.
Also, the best themes have relatively light graphics that won’t take too much bandwidth, which, as a result, will make your site load quickly.
3. Promote Mobile-Optimized Offers
Essentially, you can promote anything you want to your mobile crowd if you want to. But, there are still some offers that are much more attractive to mobile users than others.
The no. 1 thing for mobile are, no surprise here, apps. People love apps as they provide an easy way of interacting with a given product through a mobile device. For instance, an online casino app is going to be always more accessible than an online casino browser interface.
In a nutshell, if your operator has some apps on offer, start promoting them.
4. Optimize the Creatives
Every affiliate program will provide you with some creatives that you should use in your mobile promotions. However, those creatives are not always optimized for size and quality.
If you’re buying mobile traffic, for example, then you should pay close attention to how heavy the creatives you’re using are. It’s simply much more important on mobile than anywhere else to use the lightest banners possible.
Those optimizations you can do yourself through tools like or Pixlr.
5. Optimize Your Email Campaigns
As reported by Litmus, in March 2013, 43% of all email was opened on mobile devices. This means that you should pay close attention to what your promotional emails look like on mobile and how easy it is to take action on them.
A good place to start is to use short subject lines and minimal text formatting, and to reduce the email size as much as you can. The longer it takes to load your email in full, the bigger the chance that the recipient won’t even bother to wait.
This closes the list. Next stop – the top 5 don’ts if you’re starting out as an affiliate in the mobile casino space.