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Top 5 Don'ts if You're Starting Out in the Mobile Casino Space

The previous post in this short 2-post series was about the 5 do’s, so now it’s time to focus on the don’ts. Without further delay, here are the top 5 don’ts if you’re starting out as an affiliate in the mobile casino space.

1. Don’t Use Fancy JS Scripts, Flash Animation, or Elaborate Content
JavaScript and Flash are fairly popular tools on websites that want to make their user experience enticing and attractive at first sight. However, these things rarely work on all mobile devices that are in use today.
Also, elaborate sales or content pages have very little chance of being read in whole on mobile. Remember, provide only the essential.
2. Don’t Create Your Own Tools and Creatives (at First)
There’s always a lot of banners, ads, and other templates that the affiliate program operator makes available to their affiliates. Use them wisely and don’t try to reinvent the wheel by having your own banners designed right from the get-go.
Spending time and money on having some custom banners created is a common temptation. Sometimes, the banners provided by the operator seem a bit overused, so we try to customize just to differentiate. This doesn’t always work though, mainly because the things offered by the operator are often highly optimized and proven to bring good conversions (although make sure to optimize the creatives, like mentioned in the previous post).
3. Don’t Provide False Advertisement
Mobile users are easily upset when they find out that someone is lying to them. More than that, Google actually reports that 61% of mobile users move to competitors’ sites if they get frustrated about a given vendor’s offer/experience.
What this all means is that being honest pays off. Using cheap tricks just to get the click has very little chance of working on mobile as users know what they’re looking for. Use only banners and ads that set the right expectation that your site/offer can then fulfill.
4. Don’t Run the Same Campaigns on Mobile and Desktop
The fact is that people on mobile devices are often interested in totally different things than those on desktops. Mobile users are either after quick information about a given topic (they need to check something out quickly while on the go), or after some accessible and fun way to kill some spare time (in situations when they’re waiting for things).
So if you want to succeed in the mobile space, you should build campaigns targeted specifically at mobile users, and not treat it as a “by the way” thing and just enable your standard campaign to appear on mobiles as well.
5. Don’t Rely on a Single Device
While there’s not much difference between various desktop computers, there are huge differences between various mobile devices. In other words, optimizing your site and promotions to look good on just one mobile device is not enough.
It is for that reason why you absolutely must do a lot of testing on as many devices as you can get your hands on. Not doing this can result in missed opportunities and revenues.
Make sure to check out the previous article about the top 5 do’s if you’re starting out as an affiliate in the mobile casino space.