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Satoshi Live: World's First Live Bitcoin Casino has launched what it claims is the world’s first live dealer online Bitcoin casino. The new site combines two of the industry’s hottest trends – Bitcoins and live dealer casinos – into one package and could have a real hit on their hands.
Satoshi Live is a browser-based casino that’s very aware of the challenges associated with Bitcoin gambling, namely fraud. According to a company press release, their browser-based platform, along with the live dealers themselves, increase the overall fairness of the site.

Games such as Black Jack, roulette and Baccarat can be played through any browser, levelling out the playing field further since rogue gamers cannot gain any upper-hand with the use of third-party add-on software and no gamer can benefit from having a better device than others.
That, together with the fact that live dealers are used, is what makes Satoshi Live 100 per cent fair.

One advantage Bitcoin casinos have over traditional legit online casinos is that players can deposit and withdraw their money without the use of third parties. Removing the middle man saves the operator money, while also making it easier for players to play on a whim.
On the other hand, Bitcoin fraud and theft is a big problem and plenty seemingly secure Bitcoin-oriented sites have already been hit hard by thieves.
For players, the constantly fluctuating value of the digital currency could put a serious debt in their winning before they’ve even cashed out. Regardless of the risks, expect to see plenty of Satoshi Live competitors and more affiliate casino programs on this in the near future.