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iGaming News Weekly – Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2013

Who's afraid of a Hummingbird?

The igaming world is buzzing as hot trends like Bitcoin casinos, mobile apps and regulated US online gambling really take root. In the SEO world, Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm and other developments have publishers wondering if SEO is finally dead.
Here are the headlines you need to know from the week of September 29 – October 5, 2013.
iGaming Headlines
Live Bitcoin Casino Launches – Satoshi Live is claiming to be the world’s first live dealer online Bitcoin casino. The new site combines two super hot gaming trends (live dealers and Bitcoins) and is promising a very secure environment for players.
Are High Taxes Killing Spanish iGaming? – A new report from Deloitte suggests that excessive taxes are costing the Spanish igaming and online gambling affiliate market millions of Euros worth of revenue. Operators are currently taxed 25% of their gross gaming revenues – one of the highest rates on the Continent.
Candy Crush IPO in the Works – Candy Crush Saga publisher, King is filing for an IPO in the US in hopes of cashing in on the game’s incredible popularity. Some analysts are valuing the company at around $5 billion (USD, not colorful candies).
Phil Ivey Launches Poker App -Online poker bad boy Phil Ivey is launching a new poker app that’s packed with social features and links to his own poker site. Given Ivey’s mastery of odds and probability, we like his chances of success.
SEO & Web Marketing News
Google Launches Hummingbird Algorithm – Google’s new Hummingbird algo is designed to help end users get more precise results. In the eyes of the SEO world, this looked like trouble.
What Impact is Hummingbird Having So Far? – Hummingbird’s bark seems to be a lot worse than its bite. So far, most publishers haven’t noticed the update/upgrade at all.
Bing Images Include Pinterest – Image SEO is a forgotten corner of the SEO world, but now that Bing Images includes images from Pinterest, it might be worth another look.
Keyword Embargo in Works for Months – Google’s secure search seemingly cut off SEO’s access to keyword data overnight. As it turns out, Google’s been working towards this day for years.
What the Government Shutdown Mean for SEO? – Is the US Government shut down impacting SEO? Here are a few tips for slogging your way through Washington’s mess.