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Managing International Social Media Accounts

Social media is a lot more than Facebook and Twitter.

Are you sending a consistent message across international social media networks? If you’re not, you could be quietly damaging your brand. That the message of a new blog post on from Chris Liversidge titled, 5 Tips to Manage Your Multinational Social Media.

According to Liversidge, companies that find a consistent message across international networks can see increased traffic and social shares.  Here are some of his top tips.

Stick with a Social Style

No matter what network you’re posting on (or who is posting on it for you), you want your message to come across in the same basic style. This is especially important if you’ve got international surrogates posting up content for you on local networks.

Newspapers have long relied on style books to keep their reporters on the same page and there’s no reason why webmasters and affiliate partners shouldn’t do the same. Liversidge tips for social media style include:

  • Keep the tone positive and don’t engage in flame wars with negative posters.
  • Make certain there’s a personality in your social media voice.
  • Always create engaging content. After all, social shares are a valuable commodity that are well worth cultivating.

No matter where your message is broadcast, it needs to be broadcast in your voice.

Social Profiles and Branding Work Together

No matter what size your business is you need to deliver the same brand experience across social platforms. But that doesn’t mean you need to deliver the same content on every social network.

LinkedIn and Facebook have decidedly different audiences, but your message and voice needs to speak your brands’ message on every platform.

Looking for more ways to effectively utilize international social media? Check out Improve Your Traffic With International Social Media.

Use Social Networks Efficiently

There are lots of social networks out there and, unless you’re a huge corporation, there’s little chance you’ll be able to service all of them. Liversidge recommends webmasters focus on a couple networks that provide maximum value for their brands.

Tightly focused profiles on two or three sites provide more SEO benefits than a dozen halfhearted profiles strung out across the Web.

Think Locally

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate the social media scene, but they’re hardly the only game in town. Beyond the US most countries have localized social networks that are extremely popular.

You may need to hire a local freelancer to handle the postings on these sites, but it’s probably a worthwhile investment. According to Liversidge, backlinks from these international authority sites provide some serious, “algorithmic benefit.”In the post-Penguin/Panda world, cultivating global social shares is something SEO-minded affiliates should be pursuing.

Cultivate Localized Feedback

Social content that plays well in one country could bomb in another, but unless you’ve got localized feedback you’ll never know the difference.  Whether you’re using automated tools or user feedback surveys, this isn’t a step you want to overlook. Liversidge also makes it very clear that localizing content doesn’t mean losing focus of your overall branding message.

Most gaming affiliates serve a global customer base and those that can effectively tap into the power of international social media can harvest some pretty sweet algorithmic benefits.

How are you handling multi-national social networks? Tell us about it on our SEO Forum.