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Google’s Guidelines for Reviews: New for 2022

affiliate linksReviews of online sportsbooks and casinos are the foundation of most affiliate brands and as such must be of the highest quality.

But that is not always the case, with affiliates taking a volume over value approach to reviews so that they can quickly onboard brands and offer more options to their players.

Those that take this approach are missing a trick especially now that Google is recognizing affiliate sites and in particular product reviews.

The search giant recently offered guidelines on product reviews for the first time and below we pick out some of the key factors to consider when it comes to making sure your reviews rank well.

What Google Said About Product Reviews

In April 2021, Google published a blog post with extensive information relating to product reviews including online casinos and sportsbooks.

To summarize, the company wants affiliates to provide accurate information and insightful analysis to readers, but there’s a lot more to keep in mind as well.

Google wants experts to talk about the products they review, and to provide a balanced assessment of what they offer. You must show that you’ve tested everything out yourself, and it’s crucial that you are considered an authority on the topic.

The Questions Google Wants You to Answer Regarding Product Reviews

But what should a product review look like? And what is considered best practice? These are some of the main things Google is looking for:

“Explain What Sets a Product Apart From Its Competitors”

When publishing product reviews, it is important to ensure you don’t just cover the basics and replicate other reviews in the market. To stand out in Google’s eyes, your review needs to be comprehensive, in-depth, and ultimately accurate.

You should also pick out some of the main highlights of the sportsbook and casino, and suggest what makes it better in these areas when compared to others available to players.

“Cover Comparable Products to Consider, or Explain Which Products Might Be Best for Certain Uses or Circumstances?”

Most of your readers will want to be able to compare sportsbooks and casinos to help find the one or ones that best meet their needs. That is why you should include points of comparison in your reviews.

You can also create specific comparison pages – The battle of the sportsbooks: FanDuel v DraftKings, for example.

“Show What the Product Is Like Physically, or How It Is Used, With Unique Content Beyond What’s Provided by the Manufacturer?”

When writing your reviews, it’s essential that you research the product in as much depth as possible – this means signing up and playing to get a true feel for what it is like.

It’s also a good idea to show what it looks like in real life, so make sure to include images and videos of the sportsbook or casino that you are reviewing.

Describe How a Product Has Evolved From Previous Models or Releases to Provide Improvements, Address Issues, or Otherwise Help Users in Making a Purchase Decision?

Over time, online sportsbooks and casinos evolve and it is important to note these updates in your reviews and explain how they have improved the player experience.

For example, an online sportsbook might offer additional odds or markets while an online casino might add a new payment option such as PayPal.