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Google Play Tightens Screw on Gambling Apps

Google Play is taking a tough new stance on gambling apps that could significantly impact mobile-minded affiliates. Under the new rules, apps that feature cash and prizes for skill games will be covered under the same guidelines as games of chance.

According to a report in EGR Magazine, Google is making the changes in an effort to keep on top of European regulations. Apparently navigating through the maze gaming rules across the Continent was more than even Google could bear so they’ve tightened their rules accordingly.

Under the new rules, developers have 30 days to adapt their apps or face removal. Though gambling apps are definitely targeted by the changes, they’re not the only ones facing a change. Google’s been tightening rules across the Play Store and recently forced app developers to start using Google’s proprietary payment system.

This isn’t the first time Google’s turned the screw on the igaming industry. Back in 2004 they banned gambling entirely – though they’ve backed off on the ban considerably over the years.

Gambling apps face a tough haul on Google Play and the Apple Apps Store but because Apple approves each app individual basis, some developers have had better luck there.

Will Google’s new rules on gambling apps impact your long-term app development plans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.