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Sports Handicappers: Why They’re Good and Bad

Handicapping legend, Jimmy the Greek

In the world of sports betting, players are always on the lookout for any edge they can get over the house. That’s why most sports betting affiliates employ a sports handicapper (or two) to help attract and convert players.

But in a business that’s built on player losses is doling out good advice to bettors really a good idea? Here’s a few of the pros and cons of working with sports handicappers you’ll want to consider before posting their picks on your sites.

(And why you shouldn’t worry too much about sports handicappers.)

Handicappers Drive Traffic


ny sports betting site worth its salt is also going to be a genuine content hog. Professional and college sports operate on a 365-day schedule across the planet. Every one of those events, from the Super Bowl to the Ash Cup to the most obscure Ukrainian soccer match is a potential piece of content.

Hiring a good sports handicapper to help you promote these events is an excellent traffic draw and gamblers definitely love reading quality picks. Your stable of handicappers will all attract their own followings and, if they’re really on the ball, will be promoting their picks on social media.

In terms of traffic, handicappers are a major plus. But is there the possibility that your handicappers will be too good? Short answer: No.

Handicappers Provide Information

No matter what you might think, or what they want you to think, sports handicappers cannot predict the future. All them, from the top dog to the greenest blogger, have good and bad streaks. What sports handicappers really provide are well researched sports opinion pieces – which is what your readers are really looking for.

We’re not saying that there aren’t handicappers out there who are capable of beating the house on a consistent basis, because those guys are definitely out there.

The bigger question is why someone whose picking prowess was so good that their opinions could negatively impact your bottom line be writing for you in the first place? Not only that, but most sports bettors read picks and then go ahead and bet with their gut anyways.

Where to Find Sports Handicappers

Handicappers who can also write well are something of a limited commodity, so finding one that you can work with may take some time. The best places to look for them are on industry specific sites like CAP’s Casino and Gaming Articles Forum.

How much you pay for handicapping content is going to be based on what level of quality you’re looking for. There are plenty of young bucks out there who are looking for resume lines and will write for peanuts. Unfortunately, young writers can be very unreliable and the quality of their work is suspect.

You might have better luck striking a deal with an established handicapper to work on guest blogger basis. These experienced touts are likely selling their own pick packages and may even be interested in some sort of tiered-affiliate arrangement with you.


At the end of the of day, sports handicappers provide real value to your readers and, unless you’ve stumbled onto the next Jimmy the Greek, they’re not likely to break your bank.

Do you think sports handicappers are a value add to sports betting sites? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.