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Can SEO Double Your Revenue?

Can the right SEO strategy really help websites double their revenue? That’s the claim blogger makes in a recent blog post titled, How to Double Your Revenue with SEO

Though most of Lyngbø’s experiences is with large e-commerce sites, his SEO advice is definitely worth a closer look. Here’s some SEO tips from the man who says he doubles (and even triples) revenue through SEO.

Learn the Lay of the (SEO) Land

SEO best practices are, at best, a moving target. While understanding what works today is a necessity, Lyngbø suggests keeping an eye on what the SEO landscape is going to look like a few months, or even years from now.

Like most serious SEO types, Lyngbø is an advocate of deep web analytics. Simply knowing how much traffic you’re getting without some sort of context seriously reduces the value of that information.

Jump on What Works for You

Google is focusing more and more on user experience and, along the way, that’s given rise to some trends that SEO’s can really jump on including:

  • Moving Beyond Relevancy – Today’s web users come online looking for answers and simply being relevant to the keyword they’re searching won’t be enough.
  • Establish Identity and a Unique Position – Authorship and rich snippets have become big factors in driving traffic because end-users love brands they can trust. The more you develop your unique brand, the better off you’ll be.
  • Exploit Social Signals – We all know that Google is betting big on social signals and you should, too. Social shares will definitely be driving traffic your way.

Evaluate Intent

What are your site visitors and players really looking for? In the online gambling world it’s taken for granted that they’re looking to simply play some games and win some money. An army of bonus hunters, sports betting math nerds, and low-stakes bingo players, however, prove that there’s a lot of variety out there.

Once again, some deep analytics and testing can help you get to the root of who your players are, and why they’re at your site.

Adapting to Your Environment

The minute you think you know how to do SEO you can be assured that it will change dramatically. Just look at how Penguin and Panda have radically altered the SEO world in just a couple of years.

To stay ahead of this ever-shifting landscape Lyngbø suggests implementing new strategies in small doses. If what you’re doing yields results, keep building on it.

At the same time, you definitely don’t want to be relying too much on any one technique. (Just ask someone who invested heavily in paid links.)


Is doubling your revenue through basic SEO techniques really possible? It’s tough to say. Lyngbø’s experiences in retail e-commerce aren’t exactly a mirror image of what gambling affiliates are dealing with.

That said, the core SEO values he espouses are will definitely yield results over the long haul. If they double your business, well that’s just icing on the cake.

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