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How To Make Fiverr Your Secret Weapon

We don’t know how many of you have heard of the website, an online community where people offer all sorts of crazy and not-so-crazy services for $5. Perhaps some of you have heard of it and dismissed it because there is no service you could offer on your site that can be bought over and over again for $5.  We get it.
We did our homework and we concluded that casino affiliates can actually benefit from Fiverr. We reviewed the site and found useful services for affiliates with great ratings, so here are some examples of what you can find:
1. Online Advertising. People will promote you on their websites (ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks) for just $5. Not a bad way to gain presence in different niches for very cheap. The descriptions include how many visitors they have, their demographics, a view of where your ad would be, and other details. A lot of them are not just small sites trying to rip you off $5 at a time, but they are just trying to do speed marketing through an accesible option so it is worth giving it a shot.
2. Content. You can buy articles for $5, whether it is news, or more specific topics that you don’t have time to research, reviews, pretty much anything. People will also comment and post on your forum, some have poor English skills, but many make legit, valuable posts at about 20 for $5. Type in the word length and tell them what you are looking for, because there are actually a lot of people offering website content for that price.
3. Marketing Tools. Many listings on Fiverr offer keyword analysis, in-depth research of SEO techniques for your niche, the top keywords in your niche. In fact, there is a whole section on the website dedicated to online marketing where people offer all types of services for that little money. We were also skeptical, but many of them proved to be trustworthy.
4. Graphic Design. Need a logo or a banner? Check out Fiverr’s designers for that too, they include samples.
5. Video Creation, Editing, and Animation. People on Fiverr love to make videos. Do you need a cool visual display of any features of your website? A guy can do it for $5. Are you launching a promotion and want a guy who plays the ukulele to sing about it in an Elvis Presley voice? Did you make a video and need editing? Somebody offers that too. A lot of video editers are on this site, so if you need a video, you got it.
You can use these services for trial and error, $5 won’t leave you bankrupted if it goes bad, and the website has a strict policy of buyer satisfaction, so you almost always get your money back if you are unhappy.
All the links in this article direct you to the specific Fiverr section we are discussing so you can check it out and decide if you can buy something useful for $5. If something interests you, we advice that you click on the title and actually read the information and check out the samples before buying.
Have you used Fiverr to improve your website? Tell us about it at our forums or in the comments section below.