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Buying Social Media Votes: Will It Impact SEO?

Social media is constantly gaining more and more significance for SEO even as we speak. In fact, social media and SEO is big part of the inbound marketing movement.

Sharing information with others and making your website popular through word of mouth is essentially what inbound marketing is about (diagram below). And what other better way to share information between two people than through social media, right?


Social media has a really natural feel to it. You tweet about something and then it spreads naturally … but what if it doesn’t? Can you boost your results by buying some paid services?

Maybe you’ve noticed various ads around the internet trying to sell you a number of social media promotion services. Things like:

    • Twitter followers and re-tweets.
    • Google +1 clicks.
    • Facebook likes, fans and friends.
    • Digg votes.
    • Stumble Upon votes.
    • Delicious submits, etc.


Essentially, you can buy shares/votes (or whatever you want to call them) for every social media platform on the internet.

Is It Worth It?

The main idea behind this is to gain some instant social proof. The more social media shares you have the more credible you seem. People simply want to follow someone who already has a lot of followers.

Also, it’s a way of building backlinks. If you get many re-tweets or Stumble Upon votes then you’re improving your chance of building some natural links quite significantly (at least in theory).

Use Facebook To Double Site Traffic

The “only” danger is that Google, other search engines, and real users can call your bluff and penalize you for it. Google will simply drop your rankings, but real users will decide not to do business with you ever again.

Therefore, if you decide to take part in this you need to be careful and know the consequences.

How to Buy Social Media Votes

You can click some of the aforementioned ads, but in such a case you don’t really know anything about the person offering the service. A lot better approach is to visit a site like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a place where you can get a very wide range of simple services done for $5. Very simple business model and rules. Among these services are various social marketing related gigs.

You can simply go there and take advantage of some of the offers. Make sure to only choose top-rated sellers with many positive comments, so you can be sure that the service will be of good quality and delivered on time.

Finally, what’s your opinion on buying social media votes?