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Boost Your Social Media CTR with These Simple Techniques

Whether you view social media as a necessary evil or are a Twitter power user one thing is clear – social activity without click-throughs is a ultimately a waste of time.

After all, you’re not Tweeting and crafting LinkedIn posts to make new friends, you’re doing all that work to get new customers.

This topic was the subject of a recent posting over at Neil Patel’s blog titled, 11 Tactics to Get More Click-Throughs from Social Media. Much of Patel’s advice focuses on timing and not bombarding your network with non-stop postings.

Here are a few of Patel’s tips that are particularly pertinent to social media minded casino affiliates.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience

Here’s some good news for anyone who has been reluctant to embrace social media; non-stop posting is not a good idea.

Patel suggest sending out more than one Tweet an hour and just one LinkedIn post a day. He also suggests limiting your Facebook postings to just one every other day.

As an accompaniment to the limited posting rule, Patel also urges web publishers to share only their top notch content on social media. Posting up every article risks diluting your brand and scaring off potential customers.

Formatting Your Social Media Postings

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about how we’ve formatted out social media postings and Patel says that’s a big mistake. A few of his tips for a properly formatted Tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn blog include:

  • Place links at the start of your Tweets and not the end. That gives end-users a chance to click before they get bored. (Yes, people get so bored they don’t read entire Tweets.)
  • Don’t forget hashtags. Hashtags may seem superfluous, but they open your social activity to broad, new audiences.
  • Use Twitter power words that increase CTR’s such as – retweet, you, and free. (Patel includes a whole list of these words which include a surprisingly large number of variations of, retweet.)
  • Include pictures whenever possible. Despite recent findings about Facebook photo postings, Patel is still a believer.

Timing, Timing, Timing

Every social network has a peak user time and anyone who wants to capture the social masses needs to know the top time for posting.

Even better, Patel includes a link to a site called, that charts what time your personal social networks peak. This is particularly useful for casino affiliates who are targeting specific international markets that are outside their own time zones.


Getting a foothold in the social media world doesn’t have to be a big time suck, but it does require some advanced planning. If you’re willing to adhere to a few of the basic rules Patel’s outlined, your social CTR could see a major boost.