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21 Mobile Traffic Sources You Didn’t Know Existed

It seems like these days everything is about mobile and being on your prospective customers’ phones. To be honest, it’s hard to argue that mobile isn’t important for the marketer of today. And there’s nothing better than getting your hands on some fresh traffic sources that will help you make your affiliate business grow. So here goes, we present the list of 21 mobile traffic sources to tap into:

1. Addictive Mobility

An advertising network that enables you to leverage social networks and social media in their various forms. It’s where you can get premium inventory on social based mobile apps.

2. Adfonic

A mobile advertising marketplace that gathers advertisers and publishers, and gives them a friendly environment where they can connect and start partnerships.

3. AdInfuse/Velti

It’s a complete mobile marketing platform that integrates campaign and media planning, ad serving, marketing, CRM, analytics, and reporting.

4. AdiQuity

A mobile advertising platform that enables real time optimization on ad inventory through several ad network partners.

5. AdMarvel

A platform where you can start working with various ad networks, agencies and publishers to launch and then track your campaigns.

6. AdMob

One of Google’s many services. It lets you reach audiences through Google Mobile Ads. It offers innovative ad formats and is compatible with multiple platforms and devices.

7. Admoda

An advertising marketplace offering the standard set of tools and features (on the mobile ad market). You can set up campaigns, upload your banners, set the targeting parameters, and so on.

8. Adtech Info Mobile

A platform that lets you reach specific mobile audiences easily. You can target your campaigns to specific devices, operators and systems.

9. AirPush

A mobile network based on “push” notifications. The ads are delivered inside the notification area on Android devices. The method is said to deliver higher ad engagement.

10. Buzzcity

An advertising network offering a very wide marketplace capable of reaching millions of customers world wide.

11. Crisp Wireless

A network focused on growing customer interactions across multiple platforms and devices, rather than offering traditional one-off ads.

12. Gigafone

A digital ad network offering unique full-screen mobile advertising. The system delivers ads optimized for multiple devices and systems.

13. Greystripe

This network takes care of delivering ads optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

14. Hunt Mobile Ads

A mobile ad network geared at catering to audiences based in Latin America. A good place to buy targeted traffic.

15. Jumptap

A platform offering an advanced patented technology to deliver rich mobile ads across multiple devices and systems.

16. Medialets

A mobile ad platform specializing in delivering rich media ads, designed to be as engaging as possible.

17. Millenial Media

Another network delivering rich media solutions and ads. Offering a wide range of tools.

18. Mobclix

This is an iPhone analytics platform offering ad exchange features for your apps.

19. Mojiva

An ad network that also offers an easy to use ad creation functionality, keyword list creation, targeting features, and more.

20. Pontiflex

A platform where you can run signup ads on a wide range of mobile apps and websites. This works on the CPL (cost per lead) pricing model. A good alternative to paying for clicks (CPC).

21. Rhythm New Media

An ad network that lets you reach a relevant mobile audience, and also work with other advertisers if you want to become a publisher yourself.

This sums up our list for now. However, there are new networks and platforms being launched every month, so feel free to comment and let us know about anything else that could be mentioned here.