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NHL Launching Mobile Gaming App

The National Hockey League (NHL) is launching a new mobile gaming app with the hopes that it ignites interest in the exciting, but struggling, sport. It’s all part of a big picture strategy designed to make professional hockey a lot more appealing to a younger demographic.

NHL officials are working with NeuLion, a video tech firm, to develop the game suite. The league is also making it easier for fans to download their favorite team apps during game through its Gamecenter app.

According to Chris Golier, the NHL’s vice-president of mobile marketing and strategy, mobile is the perfect vehicle for converting new fans from desirable demographics saying:

There’s a younger demographic that is playing games, so we’re looking at the casual fans and wondering how we can bring those casual fans into the game.

If it starts out with video games or casual mobile games, then so be it, let’s get you hooked, then we’ll get you to start watching the real games once you start to grow with the NHL.

Given the fact that the NHL has the lowest revenues of any of the bit four North American professional sports leagues, that sounds like a pretty decent strategy. As is stands today, the NHL only brings in about a third of the revenue seen by the NFL.

The Gamecenter mobile app includes fantasy games, highlights and other features designed to keep fans in the game long after the final buzzer has sounded.

The NHL’s interest in mobile gaming and apps is just another example of how the mobile market is continuing to take a much larger role in marketing efforts of all kinds.