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Camelot UK leads pandemic-fueled digital lottery surge

Digital lottery operator Camelot UK is reveling in a revenue windfall brought on by pandemic-induced lack of competition for most of 2020. H1 sales were in the £1.6 billion range. ... Read more

Chinese lottery sales shrivel to almost nothing

The COVID-19 closure in China shrunk the country's lottery ticket sales to almost nothing for the month of February across the country. And ticket sales have still not resumed in Bejing. ... Read more

Rigged lottery losers eligible for refunds

Players who purchased tickets in any lottery rigged by Eddie Tipton are eligible for a refund thanks to a $4.3 million settlement. Each wronged player can receive up to $10. ... Read more

UK Lottery hacker grabs £5 and a 9 month prison sentence

When Idris Kayode Akinwunmi hacked into the UK National Lottery he dreamed of untold riches but what he got was £5 and nine months in jail. In this case crime definitely didn't pay. ... Read more

UK man convicted of lottery fraud

A UK man is lheaded to prison after his conviction of on a fraud charge involving a £2.5 million payout in the British National Lottery. It's a case that's had ramifications far beyond a prison sentence. ... Read more

UK men sue Camelot after dubious £4 million lotto win

Two UK men are suing Camelot in an effort to claim a £4 million lotto ticket win that authorities say was funded from a dubious source. In this case, Camelot is playing by the book. ... Read more

Irish lawmakers aim for lottery betting ban

Irish lawmakers are increasingly warming up to the idea of a ban on lottery wagering like the one that was recently imposed on Australia. Irish bookmakers aren't sure that's such a great idea. ... Read more

Lottoland back in Aussie court presenting 'chance vs. skill' argument

Lottoland has made a business of disrupting the Aussie lottery market and is paying for it with massive legal battles and costs. Now they're back in court arguing "chance vs. skill." ... Read more

Florida Senate considers lottery addiction warning bill

Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would require lottery tickets to carry warnings about the dangers of gambling addiction. It's an idea they've tried unsuccessfully to implement in the past. ... Read more

DOJ says Wire Act re-do won't impact interstate lotteries

US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is telling court officials that the DOJ's Wire Act re-do won't have any impact on lotteries. Is he just trying to buy time? ... Read more
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