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Coming Soon to Japan: Online Lottery Ticket Sales

Starting in October, Japanese citizens will be able to buy lottery tickets online in a move that could boost lottery revenue in a big way. Could this save lagging ticket sales? ... Read more

Ontario Online Lottery Draws Fire for Frequent Drawings

Hit or Miss, a new online lottery product in Ontario, Canada, is under fire for offering a new drawing every five minutes. Critics say it's just asking for trouble from problem gamblers. ... Read more

Lottoland Gets the Boot in Australia's Northern Territory

Lottoland is getting the boot in Australia's Northern Territory in a move that's good news for Aussies newspaper vendors. The question now is whether or not other territories will follow NT's lead. ... Read more

Tipton's Lotto Fraud Leads to Colorado Lottery Lawsuit

A man who shared a lottery jackpot with lottery-fixer Eddie Tipton is suing the Colorado Lottery in an attempt to get the rest of his win. It's the beginning of what could be a major headache for the lottery business. ... Read more

Lottoland Faces New Restrictions in New South Wales

Lottoland is looking at new restrictions in New South Wales where officials have referred to the company as a "synthetic lottery." Will the rest of Australia follow suit? ... Read more

Lottoland CEO Embraces Controversy...and Insurance

Lottoland CEO Nigel Barrell is embracing both the controversy surrounding his business, as well as his foray into the insurance business. He's proving once again that there's no such thing as bad publicity. ... Read more

Australian Government and Lottery Vendors Take Aim at Lottoland

Australian governments and lottery vendors are taking aim at Lottoland for playing the lotto game without giving back. This week, that anger took the form of organized resistance. ... Read more

Crown Resorts Launching Digital Lottery

Crown Resorts is launching a digital lottery product that's designed to shake up the rapidly growing Australian lottery market. Company officials are happy with the product, social critics are not. ... Read more

US Lottery Players File Lawsuit Over Rigged Drawings

Lottery players from five US States are looking for refunds after a lottery official rigged a series of drawings back over a six-year period. Lawyers for the players say lottery officials should have done more to prevent the scandal. ... Read more

Do Lotteries Exploit the Poor? Not as Much as You Might Think

The long-held belief that national lotteries like the Powerball exploit the poor. It turns out that notion might not be so accurate after all. ... Read more
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