Advertising is an ever-changing space. Every year, there are new techniques to learn, and probably even more techniques to forget as they become obsolete.

However, there’s one channel in particular that continues to rise and introduce new opportunities consistently. Of course, we’re talking about Facebook.

When it comes to reach and viewer targeting, there’s nothing that comes even close to Facebook. Granted, Google has an overall bigger user base (around 720 million visits per day) than Facebook (around 620 million), but it’s Facebook that allows you to pick individual traits and interests that your audience needs to have. That’s a feature Google will probably never give us.

The only problem is that Facebook Advertising is in constant development and it’s hard to dominate this space if you’re not up-to-date with the best practices out there.

So today, we’d like to show you something in that area. There’s a new eBook by our friends at titled “2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising.”

In short, the eBook is exactly what its title indicates – it’s the Facebook guide for 2014.

Some of the things you can find inside this publication:

  • The newest trends and predictions waiting for advertisers in 2014.
  • A nice list of the 7 best practices that marketers can use today.
  • Some of the key strategies for high ROIs with Facebook in 2014.
  • In-depth mobile strategies. It’s strongly believed that soon, there will be more people accessing Facebook from mobile than desktop. As an advertiser, this is something you need to be on top of.
  • Guide to retargeting. There are new retargeting options coming to Facebook in 2014. Learn all about them.
  • Predictions on video and how to leverage the opportunity. Video is believed to be the next big thing on Facebook Advertising as marketers have started to shift their TV ad spending to Facebook.
  • Predictions on upcoming interface innovations. Facebook is constantly aiming at delivering the best experience possible to their users. Here’s what you can expect from the platform in 2014 and how it can impact your campaigns.
  • How to approach media buying in-house. An overall trend is for marketers to bring their Facebook buying in-house. The eBook explains how to approach this and how to grow your user acquisition and retention from start to bottom.

In summary, if you’re planning to do any sort of advertising on Facebook in 2014, you should get this eBook and use it as one of your tools. Available here.

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