Everyone in affiliate marketing knows that they’re supposed to be using social media, but very few are very good at defining social media success. Is it measured in money? Or maybe it’s measured in something less tangible like branding? What social media success looks like to one webmaster might not feel like success to another.

In a guest blog on Social Media Today, content creator Chris Street laid out his formula for measuring social media success. It’s not necessarily conventional, but it does provide a very useful framework for affiliates.


Of course financial metrics are the best way of measuring success in any business. Are your efforts on social media paying off with high depositing players? If they’re not, you need to re-evaluate your plans.


There’s something to be said about the value of a job well done. If you’re proud of building a solid Twitter follower or Facebook friend list, that’s a success. You can’t measure in numbers, but it’s success nonetheless.


Success doesn’t always hide behind numbers or flowery prose. If you spent $200 on content for Twitter that resulted in three players depositing $300 dollars, that’s a success. Just do the math.

Use Facebook To Double Site Traffic


Street points out that this is kind of success marketing departments like to see and he’s absolutely right. Clickthroughs, Facebook friend numbers and page views are all quantifiable entities that measure success without delving into grey areas.


This might be one of the most important measurements for affiliates, especially the ones running a large number of related sites. Finding social media success in one area and being able to repeat it in another is a skill worth cultivating.


We’re hoping that affiliate marketing, and social media marketing, is on some level an enjoyable experience. If you’re feeling excitement about your social media efforts and their successes, that joy will rub off on your customers and players.

How do you define social media success? Share your experiences with us on our General Discussion Forum.

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