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How to Convert Casino Players to Sportsbook

A player that enjoys online games in casinos is highly likely to love the action of sportsbook gaming as well. This is why it is so important to understand more about how to convert casino players to sportsbook and offer them more choices and cool challenges. For many casino players, it is simply a matter of understanding that one does not have to be a Italian soccer fan or a NHL junkie to enjoy sportsbook online. Once the introduction is made, it opens up for many amazing gaming opportunities.

Cross-sell Promotions

The players busy in a casino are often aware of new promotions and campaigns that are presented in newsletters. This is an important tool for upsell to sportsbook, and by using cross-sell promotions wisely there is a lot to win. A smart example of this is to offer free spins on a popular slot machine for players that will wager a minimum amount on a specific sports event. By presenting this opportunity in the casino newsletter many of the loyal casino players will finally have a closer look under that sportsbook tab.

Inviting Layout and Information

Making use of special promotions is one of the most important ingredients of how to convert casino players to sportsbook, but only if it is done with inviting layout and information that is easy to understand. The offer should be simple and not include a whole range of possible bets. Remember that many casino players have a mental block that tells them that the sportsbook games are complicated. The information must also be easy to understand so that the player feels that it is really just a matter of a few clicks to try the deal out.

Smaller Games

Just like mini games are excellent to attract sportsbook players to the casino, the smaller sportbooks games are smart to offer the current casino sharks. A player that is used to playing Roulette, slots and perhaps some casino poker might not be ready to jump into the Premier League, but the same player could feel perfectly safe to have a go on one single game that is getting a lot of local media coverage. In order to cross-sell casino players with small and fast sports bets, it is crucial to understand where they are coming from. Good knowledge of the player base and their local interest will be a great help when trying to convert casino players to sportsbook!