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Question For Affiliates

asked 2 years ago
Hi all,

Just a quick question: what is the maximum you would be prepared to pay for a well informed pre-prepared article or review on a casino, a slot, general experiences etc on the assumption:

a) the article was 300 words minimum
b) it would be unique to you
c) you had free editorial reign on the article once you’d bought it.
d) it was text only (English), no images or links in it



14 Answers
playcasino1 answered 2 years ago
voted $25 which is a reasonable price although we did pay $40 per review a few weeks ago

GamTrak answered 2 years ago
I would pay $25.

kwblue answered 2 years ago
More than $25 is ridiculous, IMO.

Think about this… At $25 for an article like this, which would take about 1/2 hour (at the most) for me to write… Is like paying someone $50 / hour. That’s even ridiculous, IMO.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
I pay for time spent, not piece work.

I like steady contributors since I need a lot of work done.

If I had small volumes of things to publish, I would likely pay $25 for excellent quality.

A more interesting proposition would be content for a whole, exhaustive site on a topic.

Professor answered 2 years ago
Great Question. Moving to polls area.

DealerDan answered 2 years ago
@Dominique 183464 wrote:

A more interesting proposition would be content for a whole, exhaustive site on a topic.

I agree. I think something like that is where ‘buying in bulk = less” wouldn’t apply, because the writer can tie all the articles in together, keeps the same theme in the content etc making it a lot easier for the reader. That’s where I think it’s a sellers market.

answered 2 years ago
Better add my take <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I’ll happily pay $50 as long as the review is clearly done by someone who knows their onions. I’d rather pay $50 for a casino review done by someone who actually plays there and can point out the good and the bad, or review a game in a similar fashion, than $25 for some fluffy stuff you can read on any website or get just by looking at the casino for 5 minutes.

That said, if I was just after extra content and didnt really care too much about the text a) acting as the conversion tool or b) giving an honest and *useful* opinion, then I’d probably be inclined to do it myself rather than pay. Unless I was short on time, in which case I guess $25 pays for the time.

I voted $50 on that basis, but I’d probably pay a little more if it was really good.

Now the reason I asked the question was I’ve been toying with the idea of providing a match-up between players and affiliates. Strikes me a number of affiliates need content, players should in theory know their stuff and might tlike the idea of earning some gambling money, so maybe they can help each other. Although the way the poll is panning out, I’m not sure it would be a worthwhile task.

bonustreak answered 2 years ago
What an excellent poll I have been wondering what the average price is for nice UNIQUE articles should be. I would pay no more then $50

szury answered 2 years ago
$5 max :3eyes:

bonustreak answered 2 years ago
Okay so the general idea is 300 good content artical should cost $25 on average maybe even go as much as $30 I think.