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Poll: Who are the best event/convention organisers?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysPoll: Who are the best event/convention organisers?
elgoog asked 1 year ago
Please make your votes!
6 Answers
splinterfree answered 1 year ago
not much options you have offered…doesn’t really make it a good vote.

in any case there is only CAP and CAC…and i like CAP better.

bonustreak answered 1 year ago
Sorry this is just a given it is Alex and crew, CAP and igaming folks without a doubt!

answered 1 year ago
From an affiliate POV, it’s impossible to seperate CAC and CAP in terms of the events they put on. They both make an excellent job of things IMO and between them, they help to make this industry the most enjoyable industry I’ve ever worked in.

I think both deserve lots of Kudos :hattip:

Professor answered 1 year ago
CAP doesnt charge affiliates to attend.

CAP events are vibrant and alive and the parties and social events extremely creative.

We have ASOP at our events where affiliates can win nearly $30,000 in prizes including seats to the WSOP.

Our ratio of affiliates to operators is much higher (Cyprus was 4 to 1).

I think there are definite differences.

tomgalanis answered 1 year ago
Have to agree with the Professor – not charging affiliates is an absolute must in my opinion. It’s the only way you’ll get affiliates to continually attend conferences… therefore the only way you’ll get operators to attend in future.

Some new entertaining ideas to get people in to panel sessions would be good going forward. I’d definitely like to see an Affiliate Manager Lie Detector Session at some point. I think the Professor could easily take on the Jerry Springer mantle!

The bikeman answered 1 year ago
No doubt that by now CAP has bypassed CAC big time!
Not charging affiliates for entrance was an advantage from the beginning of CAP events but now also the participation from the part of operators is bigger than in CAC and keeps growing.
I also agree with the professor about the fact that CAP event are much more lively and the atmosphere is much better.

Beside I personally have an “open account” with Mark Lesnic (the organizer of CAC) for several expression he had in the past toward Gaming Affiliates…