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Dedicated IP address

heimdall asked 1 year ago
I sure hope someone can help me with this, I paid for a dedicated ip address from my hosting company back in July but somewhere along the lines they screwed up and it wasn’t properly enabled so I’ve been on the regular shared ip address for the last 4 months and my site has been going from strength to strength. Then 1 week ago I noticed the mistake and got the webhosting to enable the dedicated ip address for me. The result has been a dramatic fall in serps but again only on bloody Google. In the meantime I have been pumping in loads of original content. I can only conclude that Google doesn’t like dedicated ip addresses despite everyone claiming they do. Why is Google so damned sensitive to stuff like this, it really annoys me.
I am hoping that this is just a temporary blip and that the site will bounce back but in the meantime I am getting next to no traffic on a site which Google really liked 1 week ago but now because of a new ip address apparently really hates!!
I guess my question is whether anybody else has ever seen this with Google and I also hope that someone can tell me that it will all be ok again please. :eh:
22 Answers
sipka answered 1 year ago
IP address change counts a big change for Google, give it more time and you will be back to the SERPs.
I wouldn’t advise to upload lots of content at the same time, one big change is enough for Google, try to upload the new content in little bits, not all of them at once, that might seem suspicious for the big G along with the IP change.

Don’t give up, it is just a temporary decline after drastical changes, it takes time to settle the things back on track (2-3 weeks at least).

Hope it helps <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago
You should be fine. I don’t think twice about changing hosts. It doesn’t seem to make an ioda of difference long term – as long as it geolocates to the same country.

If your site is about uk and you change to us ip that will make a difference.

heimdall answered 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for your replies, they really do help give me some peace of mind. It’s just so annoying when you’ve been working hard to suddenly see a site slump. It could also be that I’ve been adding a bit too much content lately so I’ll shift my focus to some of my other sites for a few weeks I think and cross my fingers <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

elgoog answered 1 year ago
I never had a problem changing IP’s, even from the US to Belgium location,

but i don’t understaand quite…
you changed IP, and the content stayed on the same host?

heimdall answered 1 year ago
@elgoog 183812 wrote:

I never had a problem changing IP’s, even from the US to Belgium location,

but i don’t understaand quite…
you changed IP, and the content stayed on the same host?

Hi mate, it is the same webhost but I just had the site on a shared hosting plan before, where basically 10 websites all have the same ip address. I think that is why it is not possible to do any kind of redirect so Google probably thinks two ip addresses have identical content, just hope it figures out quickly that it’s the same site, stupid Google!! There hasn’t been any effect whatsoever on any of the other search engines.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
soooo… 301 is not possible…
deleting content on the other ipis not possible…
if i understand right?

than google will soon figure out the content on the other ip is gone…
…. i hope for you…

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
Maybe there is just a coincidence about the ip? we have changed many site ips ,from one country to another and never noticed anything .

GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
Changing to a dedicated server if definitely a good thing. A temporary drop shouldn’t go for more than 3-5 days, if at all.

What may have happened is that Google hit you site and saw the new IP and decided to run a deep crawl and re-value the content, the backlink value or other elements that their algo checks.

Any pages or information on another server will not be an issue as the domain name directs the bot.

Adding load of new content written for existing keyword targeting may be confusing the bots or causing them to lower the value or split the value between the old and the new pages, which would reduce your ranking. Its tough to say without looking at the site.

To be safe, run Xenu link sleuth and check for broken links and make sure you don’t have any 302’s, create an xml sitemap and manually submit it through google webmaster central, and also place the code (if possible) to verify the site is yours and check it the next day to see if you have any errors on the site.

Monitor the cache dates to see what the last snapshot was taken of the site/pages that are targeting the terms that are losing their rankings. If this date was before the drop, then the above tips will resolve the issue.

GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
Oh, one more thing. This is non-related but if your going to look at the above issues you may as well be sure that you have assigned a primary domain through webmaster central as well.

Websites can have more than one URL. (e.g. and If you have been around for a while and people are linking to you they could be linking to either URL. By designating a primary it gets 100% of the above benefits. Go to Google’s Webmaster Central and in the tools section designate one as your primary. Do a 301 redirect on the non-primary page to pass on any back link juice, PR and authority that the page has to the primary page. Internal navigation needs to be checked to be sure all links go to the correct version as well. Bad navigation is common, especially with websites constantly being populated or worked on by many individuals. Pick one and use it throughout.


heimdall answered 1 year ago
“Bump”, maybe someone will reply this time, I live in hope. :CallMe: