Google Caffeine

Gregger asked 8 months ago
How are you feeling about the Google Caffeine update?
7 Answers
ALEX777 answered 8 months ago
I am excited! :wink-wink

Dominique answered 8 months ago
I like it so far.

webber286 answered 8 months ago
When checking the Caffeine test site last month, we were slightly lower for our key positions. Not sure if Caffeine is fully implemented now, but we are currently up across the board from where we were a month ago. So I voted indifferent, but could be swayed to be excited if rankings keep up.

Play answered 8 months ago
My sites ranked better! Excited for sure..

Poker Dude answered 8 months ago
Google is a tough beast to gauge. My ranking have gone up over the last couple of months, for may long-tailed keyword strings, but my overall traffic is down. The “Caffeine” beta site has me ranking even higher than I am currently, but due to its total unpredictability, I am currently neither high or low on this new piece of technology.

Has anyone else experienced higher rankings for long-tails, but decreased traffic over the last couple of months ?

Gregger answered 8 months ago
I can back you up there. I have a site in a non casino but competitive vertical. I rank top 5 for some 4 word keywords that get 500-1000 searches a month, but they aren’t paying out like i would hope.

Well maybe that 500-1000 is a bad estimate on google’s part. I should get some PPC ads to see for sure.

frank rede answered 8 months ago
Though Google Caffeine has an accurate search results, better speed but when in terms of the number of search reasults G Caffeine gives more than the usual Goolge search. But i prefer the usual Google, i don’t need a millions of search results, i just need some reliable, clear and well explained articles is enough.