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Seo tool for firefox users

DaveP asked 3 years ago

I personally don’t install 3rd party extensions (call me paranoid) but I played with this one… kinda neat actually.

31 Answers
kwblue answered 3 years ago
I loaded it. It’s AWESOME if you ask me. Google Toolbar closed.

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
Thanks for good words <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
Does anybody use “custom” parameters?

Goldfinger answered 3 years ago
Yes that tool is great. It may also be worth considering wether you have the most common parameters in a dropdown list and maybe maintain a site that lists some of the more extraordinary parameters that people have come up with.

alexNL answered 3 years ago
Just joined CAP forums, saw this post, tried your software, and must say I am very impressed! Keep up the good work!! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
New version 1.2.6
– The opportunity to create your own custom-parameters is added.

For instance:
We need to find out the number of links from Japanese sites jp:
We specify the parameter: link:%domain% site:jp and that’s it!
we need, for example, to find all links from the forums to this site:
Link:%domain% inurlhpbb
Link:%topdomain% intitle:forum
And so on…

The number of custom-parameters is rationally unrestricted
By the way, it’s possible to make the competition for the trickiest parameter.
A winner will deserve our great respect!!!
<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

kwblue answered 3 years ago
Awesome! I use SEOQuake all the time to check how my sites are getting indexed on the search engines. It is an excellent tool!

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
The last mega update of Seo quake extension.
We took into account your wishes from our forums and add our ideas.
As a result, the program has been greatly modernized.
Pass your judgment on:

Version 1.2.4
Many new possibilities are added:

1. Work with err-parameters
– By the parameters request (“Request parameters”) err-parameters are requested again;
– Err-parameters are requested by click;

2. Work with search engine
– New Yahoo SiteExplorer support is added

3.New possibility of references’ view on the pages and information about it:
– New parameter for seobar “Page Links” is added. It shows the number of external and internal references on a page (it is off on default);
– “Link information” mode is added. References displaying for a page and SEO information about links;
– Options of parameters loading for “Link information” mode are added (On load and By request);
– Parameters selection column for “Link information” mode is added;

4.Changes in parameters request mode are added:
– Button “Request parameters” is added in work mode “On load…”;
– Buttons “Request parameters”, “Save to file…”, “Append to file…” is changed to pictograms;
– Run query chart is changed. The same requests are grouped for traffic reduction;

Beside it:
– Reference from ip-parameter like is added
– Settings presets of displaying parameters are added
Now you can set and save several modes for parameters displaying. It is very comfortable to change displaying between for instance the usual/in-depth analyze and so on.

Install and use <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
As always we are waiting for your comments and wishes

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
New release of Seo quake extension. Version 1.2.3

Here what we have done:
Seobar interface practically ideal now
-Seobar’s structure and appearance are changed
-Seobar’s moving bugs are corrected
-The function of seobar’s minimizing is added
-The function of data receiving only after restore of seobar is added
-Seobar’s option “Open minimized” is added
-Work with Msn LiveSearch is corrected
Here 2 samples how it’s work now:
1. Seobar


2. SeoQuake for SERP


We are waiting for your comments and wishes what we should include in the next release.

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
Ladies and Gentlemen!
The new powerful release is issued. Seoquake version 1.2.1 .
You may download it from the site or just update in browser if you already use our program!
Many things are corrected and added.

Settings interface is fully reworked. Now it is more compact, has scroll line, and has more parameters.

The bar display is modified: as one of the variants, now it can be dragged in any convenient place in browser’s window; also, in seobar the size forcibly became equal to 1 % in order to prevent it’s enlargement on any pages.

Now software has opportunity of results’ export in a file for the following analyzes. Here some details about this option:
1) File name is taken automatically from the Search query on default (query “Honda” – file Honda.txt)
2) Parameters are added in CSV format (not all parameters but those, which are pointed in the settings)
3) There is the opportunity to add the new information in the existing txt file

The parameters display mode in SERP “on demand” is added. It will be very useful for slow connections (dial-up and etc).
They are two new modes.
1) Now you may not switch off Seoquake in order to save traffic, but when it’s necessary you can get the complete SERP analyze by pushing “Request parameters” button.
2) Or if you don’t want to see all parameters, but only several, you may just click on the button “?” and they will be displayed at once.

And also some details:
– Digg rating is added
– Time of Google CacheData and Webarchive is set to one format for the comfortable following analyze
– Pop-up help is added for every icon (parameter)
– If the parameter robots is equal to “no” the reference to robots.txt is not put

We are waiting for your comments and wishes!

And in conclusion, one request for whose who like our creation.
Vote, please, in Social Net for it and for the articles, connected with it. References to them you can see on the site home page:

MRengineer answered 3 years ago
MSN has changed HTML code of SERP
New release 1.1.32 work with MSN correctly
You may download it from