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How much do you make as an affiliate?

Simoneaton asked 3 years ago
On an average month how much do you make as an affiliate from all the programs put together?
86 Answers
Simoneaton answered 3 years ago

I find this poll very interesting, so I am bumping it.

Not use to the slang bumping it, what does bumping it mean?

And why would it look very different on GPWA?

Dominique answered 3 years ago
I find this poll very interesting, so I am bumping it. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

The same poll at GPWA would look very very different.

Kevin11 answered 3 years ago

I think some people make money and others will not, it’s like anything in life.

Common sense should tell you that people that are good at this must be making money at it. If not, there wouldnt be any affiliates marketing sports books.

It’s just like email, if you receive a ton of spam for “product x” you can bet that people are making good money with it. The very existance of the marketing should indicate there’s money to be made.

Kevin 11

adairk answered 3 years ago
I give up:3eyes:
Cannot get an answer:baaa:

badabing answered 3 years ago
That is why I said you need to change your sports betting affiliates I have used in the past they seemed to do good but I actually do not promote spots bets nowdays …

If you have 58 and no real player conversions you are getting ripped off is all I can figure …

So change the companies you promote.

What sportsbook are you talking about anyway ?

adairk answered 3 years ago
Everyone is missing my point ,
I am trying to find out if webmasters are losing or winning with thier sports betting affiliate sites. I find it strange that I could have not made any money for Sept. and Oct. and still don’t know about Nov.
My buddy is waiting for a paycheck from me:eek:

badabing answered 3 years ago
If you make nothing from 58 players change change change and to top that off you better also diversify …. Never all your eggs in one basket, its to easy for the basket to get bumped and break your nest eggs as well …

Sports betters bet often depending on the sports …

For example statistical sports they will bet almost daily on the statistics … when a team is on a winning streak and have favorable statistics they will bet every game till the streak ends … as well if on a losing streak they will often keep doubling down if you know what I am taking about …. Usually to try and catch up on what they lost …

adairk answered 3 years ago
That’s right neighbor

antoine answered 3 years ago
Hey Ken,

I just noticed you’re in Calgary. I’m in Red Deer!


adairk answered 3 years ago
Thank you ,
I will wait to see if we make anything for November. Would be very dissapointing to have brought in 58 customers and have not made a penny.


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