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bc4u asked 6 months ago
After reading about using the nofollow tag on another forum for affiliate links, I decided to go one step further and redirect the links using PHP – for example:


I’ve tested it and it works, however, unless my stats just haven’t been updated for the last few hours on one of my affiliate sites, that ‘clicks’ I did didn’t show up. (I clicked 3 times at least, and only have the one link to a casino using PHP so far on my homepage, top right of the page if you’d like to check it yourselves).

should I be worrying? Or with using PHP, all my links will be counted? I am guessing yes!?


4 Answers
jagan answered 6 months ago
There can be redirect by using php also but i need to check the script if its being used correctly

eclipse answered 6 months ago
I’m using PHP + Header(‘Location: greatcasino/affiliateid’); and i have no problems. For affiliate programs it doesn’t matter if you click the link or redirect it, as long as you pass the affiliate id or whatever tracking method used by the affiliate program.

bc4u answered 6 months ago
Well, it’s taken me ages and ages to convert all of my links, and nearly done and will re-publish my site!

I’ll be watching those clicks

WagerX answered 6 months ago
If you redirect using eclipse’s method your links should be counted without a problem. I use that same method on all my sites, and it works just fine.