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Microsoft in lead to acquire AOL

Professor asked 3 years ago
If Microsoft succeeds you can write off Google as the leading search provider….

Microsoft seen as lead suitor for AOL
Deal still uncertain, could be several weeks away, newspaper reports

Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, has emerged as the lead suitor for a stake in Time Warner Inc.’s Internet unit America Online, according to a report by The New York Times.

If Microsoft were to complete a deal, it would fold its MSN Internet service into a venture with AOL, the newspaper said. (MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture.)

Any deal could be weeks away, and there are no assurances that Microsoft will prevail. Other suitors seeking a stake in AOL include Google Inc., Comcast Corp., Yahoo Inc. and News Corp. sources familiar with the situation have said.

Time Warner is interested in selling a stake in AOL in part to boost its flatlining stock price, which has never recovered from the damage of the historic merger that created the media giant in 2001. The company’s stock traded at over $50 a share shortly after the merger, compared with about $18 currently.

A deal combining the AOL and MSN portals would make the resulting the site the most visited on the Internet, making it especially attractive to advertisers.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told The New York Times in an interview last week that his interest in AOL was about playing a greater role in the future of advertising, the newspaper said.

Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard Parsons acknowledged the talks for the first time last week but said, “We don’t know if they will result in any transaction or what form any transaction will take,” according to the Times.

One issue that has yet to be resolved in any deal is how the resulting venture would be governed. Time Warner does not want to cede control unless it receives a “very rich offer,” the newspaper said.

Microsoft and Time Warner could not be immediately reached for comment.

9 Answers
Webzcas answered 3 years ago
This could be just what the search engine market needs. Aol powered by MSN Search instead of Google <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Given my decent search positions on MSN and still in the sandbox position at Google, I’ll root for Microsoft to win the bidding.

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
All I got to say I told you so. Mr.Gates is taken over, great news!!!!! greek39

jagan answered 3 years ago
let us say that Bill takes over on AOL, then fight will be between MSN, Google and Yahoo.

In actual AOL has large client base in USA and Canada as well as UK.

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I believe that Google already won this battle. Correct? That’s what CNN stated about 3-4 weeks ago.

jagan answered 3 years ago
You can say that, BUT MSN is too behind in technology as Compared to G-BOT.

I have seen that Google SEO works well for MSN and we get high results on MSN as compared to google. So we can say that MSN is picking up new sites very well to get popularity

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I agree that Google is behind in technology.. However, they are the current and future search engine for AOL members. They purchased it. MSN will not have access to that because Google bought it.

MSN definitely picks up new sites faster. It is quite easy to get high rankings initially on MSN and Yahoo.

Google is not so easy in this respect (at least not for new sites).

jagan answered 3 years ago
Google is not too hard but if we will go as per its guidelines and make theme based linking, we can get nice results from google

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
The Google, Yahoo,and Bill Gates all started learning about computers around the same time. Back then the one who was learnning the most was Bill Gates and Steve Jobbs.

Google and Yahoo were just bulliten boards then became major search engines. Bill Gates jumped in a little later.

Case in point if I had to pick the with the most computer based knowledge and internet expertise I would wager on Bill Gates. Mr. Gates has been busy doing other things. Rest assured, his eyes are now finally focused in the internet.

Mr.Gates already knows how to build a better mouse trap one day soon he will use it.
The most up do date search engine right now, this second is MSN.