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How many unique hits a day do you get?

kdollar asked 3 years ago
I am curious on average what visitor numbers different affiliates get per day at their site…
59 Answers
Professor answered 3 years ago
Traffic doesnt equal real live unique visitors. It never has. That’s why we see such a wide spread in reporting.

Webmasters often purchase “Traffic” and believe they are receiving THOUSANDS of visitors per day. In reality they are getting machine generated hits and one second visits from affiliate sweat shops. This is passed off as traffic, but in the real world (sales and revenue) it means nothing. You might as well save your bandwidth and money.

A well designed site that is highly ranked in Google, Yahoo and MSN for popular gambling terms will most likely only get several hundred actual real live breathing visitors per day. BUT because it is real “traffic” it can generate a very significant amount of income.

Moral of the story; chase people not “traffic” or “Hits”.

Refresh Poker answered 3 years ago
Which pictures? I just tested all links on homepage and they are working fine?

Holis answered 3 years ago
img src=”file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/CHARLE%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.jpg” alt=””>

antoine answered 3 years ago
Pacificsun it sounds like you are doing PPC with

The most likely reason visitors are not staying long and that the people are originating from the countries that you mentionned is that it’s fraudulent traffic.

CrapsRus answered 3 years ago
I get around 1,500 a day from the search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.:rasta:

Refresh Poker answered 3 years ago
you sent a url from your c drive

ppokyh answered 3 years ago
I am lost on the robot subject

antoine answered 3 years ago
1500 a day on a consistent basis seems pretty amazing.

Refresh Poker answered 3 years ago
how you can get 1500 uniques a day and be a PR3?? Makes no sense.

Bonusgeek answered 3 years ago
I dont think pr has anything whatsoever with your serps. I see it all the time, a site at #1 with no pr at all and I know being at #1 they get a lot of hits. I may be wrong but this is just what I have read so I am certainly no guru.


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