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SEO Surgery at CAP Euro London

alexpratt asked 1 year ago
If you didn’t see this in the news letter or in my other post then read on <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Submit your site to the brand new SEO Surgery
The SEO panel is always one of the most popular panels at CAP Euro so for London we have decided to make it even more interesting and make it an SEO surgery. Very simply, this means the panel of SEO gurus will analyse your site and discuss ways in which you can improve your rankings and other tips that you would normally pay a fortune for.
The panel takes place on 12.00 and 12.45 on Day 1 of CAP Euro (30th Jan) and there is only a limited amount of space for sites to submitted to the surgery so if you would like your site to be included please mail me ASAP on

3 Answers
bonustreak answered 1 year ago
That is a really great idea!!

alexpratt answered 1 year ago
Also – This doesn’t have to be an affiliate site – It could be an operator, software company or anything gaming related.

GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
Hi All,

I am corresponding with the other SEO panel members during the selection process and wanted to drop a quick note to say we are starting to look at the submissions as early as tomorrow so please don’t delay, get your site in the hat!

This session will be a little different than past sessions in that rather than spending the time to look at the site on-the-fly, each panel member (all experts!) will have the chance to look at the three sites in-depth, and then deliver 100% advanced tips to improve each site.

As my esteemed colleague Alex mentioned, we are looking to diversify so having an operator, a software company and an affiliate would be a fantastic mix. This way everyone will be able to take something away in the short 45 minutes that we have.

Anyone on the panel will be willing to speak to you after the session, and you can always submit your site through the Site Review section here in the forum, but this will be 5 top SEO’s looking at your site for free…so get it in there!

We plan on making this an even more “can’t miss event” than ever before, and will make sure everyone gets their questions answered. (so brown bag it or miss lunch – we will be!)

See you at the CAP’s! (lol – The Cap’s), and the conference. Don’t miss my Top 12 SEO Tips Session Saturday either – you will take something away!…ask anyone whos been to one!