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Google ban

rob3786 asked 2 years ago
Have any of you had a page banned by google that you have been working on for years. If you had it banned how long did it take to get back and running before the ban.

I put a post awhile back about running more than one site and I was told that its good to have 2 or more so that you dont have all your eggs in one basket. How often to eople get banned and as long as you stay within the lines should you 90% be ok?


11 Answers
Rob472 answered 2 years ago

As long as you are following the rules then you should be 99% ok. If you had a website banned then I doubt you will ever get it back. If I were you I would get on the phone with google and figure out whats going on. Unless of course you knew you were doing something that could get you banned.


aksana answered 2 years ago
I have some pages, which were disappeared from Google index, but once I updated them with a high quality unique content Google again indexed them, it can take from several days to 2-3 weeks.

Professor answered 2 years ago
I have had a number of sites removed from the Google index despite having done nothing out of the ordinary or in violation of their guidelines. Despite repeated emails and support requests these sites never returned to status they had before.

Why did this happen? I honestly dont know for sure. Though I obviously dont have concrete proof. I have always believed it was sabotage by a competitor who called Google and established a contact there and used (uses) that relationship as a way of damaging other webmasters who are/were having success in search terms this person wanted.

Why do I say this? I had a chat once with an affiliate who literally told me their “inside contact” at Google told them that two highly ranked sites were going to be “banned” from the SERPS. Sure enough within a week one of the sites vanished from a top 10 position for the term “Online Casino” and during that same time frame one of my sites which had been in top 5 for the term “Online Casino” also disapeared from the serps. Both sites had been successful in Google for years, featured unique content and did not employ any tricks that I know of (I know mine didnt anyway) . Neither my site or the other affiliates website ever came back in the serps for even minor terms though PR and back links remained steady. Hence my belief that sabotage does occur at google and once the damage has been done its seemingly impossible to reverse.

villa10 answered 2 years ago
Not Google, but I had a non casino site banned with Yahoo.

The reason?.
I sent an email and I received a canned answer about guidelines etc.
100% white hat with less than 200 backlinks.
Never restored.

Fortune Palace answered 2 years ago
A page or a full website? And have Google confirmed that it’s banned?

Sometimes pages drop out of the index – some come back in a day or so, some don’t for a long time.

Have you checked all the obvious stuff like broken links, hidden text, duplicate content (via copyscape)?

I had a problem where I’d changed the foreground and background colours on a text box, but left a few trailing spaces at the bottom. All affected pages were dropped from the index as they showed up as potential spam/hidden links.

You can be 100% white-hat and still inadvertently fall foul of Google!

Rob472 answered 2 years ago
It used to be that when a website is banned from google the toolbar pr goes grey. I dont think that still applies because now I see a lot of pages that are grey barred and says unranked. I guess google changed it. I guess the only way to find out now is to watch your stats and see if google crawls your site.

Professor answered 2 years ago
A page or a full website?

Full Site

And have Google confirmed that it’s banned?

Nope and just like Yahoo they never will. They just say everything is fine and send you a canned response.

Have you checked all the obvious stuff like broken links, hidden text, duplicate content (via copyscape)?

Yes, a thousand times. As you can imagine if you had a top 5 site for the term Online Casino and it was there for over two years if it suddenly vanished you would leave no stone un-turned in a quest to get your spots back. I cant tell you how much sleep I lost over this.

Fortune Palace answered 2 years ago
Sorry, Prof – my comments were directed to Rob3786, not you!

I wouldn’t have asked you those questions any more than I’d tell my Grandma which end of the egg to suck from!

I’ll be using the quote tool from now on…:blush:

elgoog answered 2 years ago
i had banned in google,
doing site:command zero results
did some gray things on it
cleaned it up
filled out a reinclusion request several times
never heard a word from google
site came back after a year, but still not old rankings

has been indexed properly before?

rob3786 answered 2 years ago
yes is indexed properly and hasn’t been banned I was just asking for research value