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Fundamentals of Web Analytics

Your website is trying to tell you something.

How much time do you spend examining web analytics? According to Tej Kholi of Grafix Softech, most webmasters, you aren’t spending nearly enough time poring over the who? what? when? where? and why? that make up the DNA of your site.

In a guest post on titled, Focus on the the Five Fundamentals of Web Analytics, Kholi shares his top tips for understanding exactly what your site is trying to tell you.

1. Take Advantage of Geographic Data

When you start drilling down into site analytics big picture trends start emerging. One you’ll definitely want look at is geography. There’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to content. If there’s a cluster of activity from a certain geographic area, Kohli suggest that you figure out exactly what’s behind the activity.

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2. Capture Names and Addresses

In the age of social media shares, too many webmasters are forgetting that e-mail is still a very viable marketing tool. Simply capturing your customers’ e-mail and physical addresses gives you a opportunity  convert them at  a later date.

As Kohli says, “They may not buy something from you today, but they might buy something from you tomorrow.” So capture e-mail addresses and don’t let players and customers slip through your fingers.

3. Don’t Discount Basic Audience Data

Everything means something when you’re examining web analytics. It’s up to you to figure out exactly what every detail means. Remember, you can learn as much from your failures as you can from your successes, so don’t why away from what looks like bad news.

4. Identify Frequent Visitors and Treat Them Like Royalty

Kohli points out that repeat visitors all have one thing in common, they like your site. So why not leverage that loyalty to your advantage? Find out what exactly it they like about your site and build on that success.

Identifying this key demographic also allows you to market to them directly. Customers love it when you make them feel special with custom offers and promotions tailored offers specially for their interests.

Figure Out Your Most Viewed Pages and Paths

You’ve probably noticed that nothing happens by accident on your website. Kohlie suggests that every site operator spend some time analyzing your successes and figuring out ways to build on them.

There’s a reason that a customer goes from point A to point B on your site and the sooner you figure it out, the better off you’ll be. Understanding this basic site metric can help you build a site that converts players and builds revenues.


Keeping in touch with the five fundamentals of web analytics won’t cost you much and can be off big returns.

Which web analytics do you value the most? Share your thoughts with the CAP community on our Web Design and Development forum.