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Why Casino Affiliates Can’t Ignore Customer Service

We’ve all heard companies preach about the importance of customer service—but usually how it relates to handling a problem and settling down an upset customer. Good customer service starts before a potential player has invested a single dime with your company. It’s all about providing a service to your players—whether they make $1 deposit, $100 deposit—or none at all.

Customer service starts with a good player experience. The more comfortable the experience and the quality of services you provide—the more likely it is for a player to return to your site—and spread the word in the process.

Here are must-have components to provide good customer service on your casino affiliate site.

A Clear Email Address and Contact Number

Always clearly provide your business email and a contact number. If there is a best time to reach you by phone, mention this in order not to disappoint anyone with unanswered calls.

Provide FAQs

Creating an FAQs list is a good start to helping your players with basic inquiries. Compile a list of questions that may be asked by users and provide them with the most helpful answers.

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Set Up a Live Help Desk

You can enhance your customer service by creating a live help desk so that an actual person can answer questions in real time; whether this be you or an assistant. Make sure to mention the hours of live chat availability, as to prevent players from pulling up a dead chat line.

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Confirmation Emails

In order to confirm subscriptions, deposits, etc., and add some great customer service in the process, send out a confirmation email with a summary of their stats perhaps, a note of thanks and contact information if needed.

Follow-up Emails

You can also email your players to check on their satisfaction with your services. This is great in the beginning stages of your business, but even for more established affiliates, you can send emails to high-end clients or a yearly poll to all active players.

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Use Social Media

Social media is fantastic for providing customer service on a different level. Using social networks can help you learn more about your player, their interests outside of your business, and to network with your users in a more personal way.

How important is customer service to you? Do you routinely engage in these activities or others not listed here? Let us know in the comments below.