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Vine Tips for Gaming Affiliates

Twitter took a major leap forward last month with the introduction of Vine, a new video sharing app that allows users to post six second videos directly on their feeds.

If you’ve heard of Vine at all it’s probably because the news media made a big deal about the proliferation of porn .gifs that were posted up by early adopters.

That coverage missed the bigger point that Vine is a powerful marketing tool that can be used in almost any business, including gaming affiliates.

Here are a few ways casino affiliates can use Vine.

Vine Basics

At its simplest, Vine is just a camera app that holds six seconds worth of “film.” Users can stop and start the film several times during the course of a shoot. (So if you’ve been dreaming of producing a six second stop-action film, now’s your chance.)

Vine clips can be posted directly on Twitter or Facebook, so they’re ideal for generating those valuable social shares.

Currently, the Vine app is only available for iOS users, though an Android version is expected in the near future.

New Game Promotions

Vine is the perfect medium for pushing out new game demonstrations to your Twitter followers. A six-second loop of gameplay on a monitor may not sound like much, but it can really highlight a bonus round or free play on a video slot machine.

Build Your Brand

Distinguishing your sites from the masses is always a challenge and Vine is an excellent tool for building a distinct brand. If you’re at all creative, you can use Vine to create humorous, interesting videos that make your sites stand out.

Create Engagement

Posting up a Vine video of game play is a really good way to stimulate engagement with your players. Remember that not everything on your Twitter feed has to be business related. (Most sources suggest that around 20% of them should be personal.)

Videos of your pets, the scenery in your neighborhood, or even clips from your last Vegas trip are all Vine-worthy.

Sports Picks and Analysis

Sports betting affiliates should be able to find plenty of good ways to use Vine. Six seconds isn’t enough time to discuss the nuances of each game pick, but it’s plenty of time to get on and say, “We’ve just posted three free NFL picks and have some great deposit bonuses, too.”

If done correctly, your sports handicappers can become the face of your brand.


Affiliates and webmasters of all stripes are still just scratching the surface of what Vine can really do. That means that now is the time to experiment and see how Vine can help your business.

Are you using Vine to promote your operators? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.