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UK Gambling Commission Seeks Public Input on Gambling Policies

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is considering some pretty significant changes to the way that UK-facing operators interact with their players and is seeking the public’s opinion on how they should take on this massive endeavor.
Earlier this week, the UKGC posted a link on its site that allows UK citizens to give their input on a series of proposals that would radically change many policies (such as withdrawals and deposit bonuses) that have been mainstays of the online gambling industry almost since its inception. The Commission is also looking to beef up its efforts to prevent underage and problem gambling with a series of policy changes that place an emphasis on insuring that players who gamble big bucks can actually afford their gambling habits and aren’t just stealing that cash form their employers.
UKGC Programme Director Brad Enright explained his agency’s efforts on the posting saying:

Our aim is to protect children, reduce gambling-related harm and keep gambling fair and crime-free. We would encourage anyone with an interest in gambling matters to read our consultation and ensure they have their say on these proposals.

Enright went on to say that the UKGC is also interested in working with industry players and service providers, such as identity verification solution providers, to come up with improvements to existing policies and procedures.
This latest push from the UKGC is part of a larger effort that’s been taking place over the past couple of years to tighten the screws on UK-facing gambling operators who play fast and loose with compliance regulations at the expense of problem gamblers…and the people and companies they frequently steal from.
Enright has always insisted that the ongoing crackdown isn’t an attack on the gambling industry but rather, “Our aim is to protect children, reduce gambling-related harm and keep gambling fair and crime-free.”