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Twitter Dominates Mobile… and You Can, Too

When it comes to mobile advertising revenues and effectiveness, Twitter is the social network to watch.

According to a recent report, Twitter is poised to generate around $129.7 million in mobile ads in 2011. That number eclipses the $72.7 million in mobile ads their social rival Facebook is generating.

So what is it that’s giving Twitter the mobile edge and how can gaming affiliates take advantage of this disparity?

For starters, Twitter offers one the most seamless advertising products on the Web, or anywhere else. That means Twitter’s 119 million active users actually pay attention when they see sponsored Tweets.

Because of it’s text heavy presentation, Twitter usage doesn’t gobble up data; and it runs well on practically any smart phone. Throw in Twitter’s aggressive mobile marketing strategies, and you’ve got the recipe for mobile success.

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Twitter for Mobile Conversions

It’s often said that Facebook is for friends, Twitter is for business; and that’s good news for gaming affiliates.

Twitter users are far more comfortable with straightforward business pitches than Facebook followers ever would be. So don’t be afraid to send out regular Tweets pitching specific mobile offers and bonuses.

As with any web content, your Tweets won’t do much good if they’re not hitting targeted at the right audience. New Twitter users quickly find that accumulating Twitter followers isn’t all that hard, but many of these folks are spammers, or worse.

We recommend using Twitter directories like Twellow or Listorious to help you find the right kind of followers.They’re all keyword-based and shouldn’t be tough for SEO-hardened affiliates to use.

If you’re feeling more hands-on, go ahead and start culling through your top competitor’s followers and start following anyone who looks good. Above all, the key to creating mobile conversions on Twitter is to be active on Twitter.

You don’t have to overdo it, but there’s nothing wrong with pumping out three to five Tweets an hour. Just be certain you’re offering something of value.

With the mobile market growing exponentially, Twitter is a medium you simply cannot ignore.

Are you using Twitter’s mobile advertising products? Do you think that it’s the right product for reaching mobile customers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.