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Tim Ash’s 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Homepage

Make your homepage stand out

“Your baby is ugly.”

This is one of the opening lines from the “Optimize Your Site for Better Conversions” webinar held here at on Feb 22, 2012.

(By the way, you can still view the recording here: Tim Ash Webinar Recording Now Available. You just have to subscribe to our newsletter.)

The webinar was conducted by Tim Ash – the CEO of SiteTuners – one of the top conversion rate optimization firms on the internet.

Tim gave five great pieces of advice on how to improve the quality of your website (the homepage and the landing pages). No matter if you’re an affiliate or selling your own products, your site can be the deciding factor of your success or failure. That’s why making it as good as possible is essential for your business.

Okay, so what does it all have to do with your baby being ugly, right? The ugly baby analogy is a very good once actually. Every parent sees their baby as the most beautiful human being ever born … when in fact, some babies are really ugly.

The matter with websites is very similar. We’re conditioned to love whatever is ours, especially if we’ve devoted much work and money to have it created. As a result we can rarely notice any problems with our sites. What it all comes down to is a simple fact that you might have a really ugly site right now without even realizing it.

So how to make your baby pretty, so to speak? Here’s where Tim and his advice comes into play. What follows are 5 great tips on things you can do right now to improve your website and its conversion rates.