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Tim Ash’s 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Homepage

4. Keep Your Promises

There are some expectations set before a new visitor comes to your site. New visitors always come from certain directions – after seeing an ad or a text link, and then clicking on it.

This ad or link sets expectations. It promises something – gives the visitor a reason to come by.

Your homepage needs to keep this promise and not try to trick the visitor into doing something else.

For example, if your ad promises free digital camera reviews then you better give free digital camera reviews on your site. If you promise a free e-book then place a big download link on your site and make it possible to download the e-book right away.

When you promise a free e-book for instant download – like the example above – then don’t use an opt-in form. When the visitor has to give you their email then it’s not an instant download … in other words: you’re tricking them and not keeping your promises.

In a nutshell: match the visitor’s intent, and if you don’t then they will feel cheated and simply leave your website.